Published by Synchronista, Dream of Time — a novel melding time travel with history, and love with mystery — is available in ebook and paperback.

About the book, Dream of Time

paperback-kindle-dreamEach night, when Robin drifts off to sleep, she finds herself dreaming about the life of a woman in the Victorian age. She soon realizes it’s not a dream at all — she is truly slipping into San Francisco’s past.

While living two lives — one as a mom in the modern day, the other as a proper young lady at the turn of the century — she discovers how she’s being sent back to a bygone era is only the first mystery. A much more important question is why she’s there.

With the help of a rookie police officer, Robin takes off on a spellbinding adventure, sifting through a century’s worth of clues to untangle the past — and to put love to the test. History, though, proves itself a worthy opponent, and she comes to experience firsthand how destiny can be kind and cruel in the same stroke.

What people are saying about Dream of Time

Star rating: 4.5 out of 5: “Fans of books like The Time Traveler’s Wife should love Dream of Time. If you like the historical fiction, romance, or time-travel genres, this book should definitely be first on your reading list.” – San Francisco Book Review

“Well-researched historical details, thoughtful interplay between past and present, and a compelling protagonist made this book enjoyable to read. In addition, the plot twists kept me on my toes and the cultural references kept me chuckling. The book also got me thinking more deeply about how choices ripple through time to create history.”Author Jennifer Klein

“What sets this apart from many other time travel stories is the way the writer pitches it perfectly between serious SF and light hearted romp. The voice of the immensely likeable heroine is straight out of a modern chick-lit romance and there is plenty of humour throughout the story, but Price doesn’t shy away from exploring the darker consequences of playing with time… But much of the enjoyment of the book is in experiencing the little details of life in 1900 with Robin. The author has obviously researched the era thoroughly and somehow manages to incorporate the minutiae of everyday life without boring the reader at any point.” – Sarah Riber, via Goodreads

“Don’t let the length of the book fool you — it flies by. And, it’s clear that Price has done some research that lends authenticity to the story. It was a very entertaining read that discusses ethics and compassion in a non-preachy way.” Jennifer’s Looking Glass

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ISBN: 978-0-9893909-0-3 | Published by Synchronista LLC