Synchronista’s site has more than 3500 features and articles — including news stories from throughout history and hundreds of vintage ads showing the fashions, trends, celebrities, entertainment, foods and cars decade by decade.

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About Click Americana

Everything on the site has been thoughtfully culled from throughout American history, and sourced from massive collections of newspaper and magazine pages, along with memorabilia from a private stash of thousands of vintage postcards, photos and other mementos.

click-americana-logo-squareIn addition to presenting major news features — such as the Titanic sinking, the moon landing, the assassinations of both Lincoln and Kennedy — Click Americana also includes everything you’d expect to find on a general-interest website of today: innovations and inventions, home and money, fashion and beauty, sports and beyond. The site also has a wealth of heirloom recipes: antique cooking how-tos for dishes long forgotten, and those fondly remembered.

Additional article collections provide more nostalgic food for thought: the earliest reports of major milestones and events as they happened, musings on how our ancestors imagined the future, and their take on what was already history.

Whether you want to an inside view of a famous event or just some new perspective on the day-to-day life as it was way back when, look beyond the textbooks. Take a trip to the past and rediscover your own history using the simplest form of time travel: (No TARDIS required.)