Myria debuted in 1998, and, very quickly, the business beat the odds and exceeded everyone’s wildest expectations.

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About Myria

Originally one of the first websites specifically for moms, it’s now a site with a larger mission. The modern Myria is full of smart stuff for real life: Health, parenting, psychology, science, tech, beauty — plus recipes, home decor & more.

The original Myria has a impressive history: A no-budget startup that soon earned positive mentions from the mainstream media — including the Wall Street Journal, Town & Country, Redbook, Family PC and Los Angeles Times. More importantly, it led to the launch of several print magazines and the creation of a site — — that would grow into one of the world’s largest websites for women, reaching hundreds of millions of people each year.

myria-logo-color9aIn 2014, after a few years away from SheKnows, the original two founders decided to start Myria all over again. The site re-launched with a major expansion of the original mission, meaning there is a whole new playground to explore.

From the site’s mission statement: “Myria wants to be a place where women will feel encouraged and enlightened, entertained and informed, appreciated and supported. While we’d never suggest that we have all the answers, our business, our friendships, our experiences, our daily lives — in particular, the adventure of parenthood — has given us some perspective, and an appreciation for a dynamic approach to life’s changes… and its challenges. We know so much more now, like that life is lumpy and smooth. Sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter. Sometimes so exhausting and chaotic, we struggle to catch a breath… and with many moments so surprising and beautiful, it takes our breath away.”

Nancy J Price is a partner in Myria, and Synchronista provides advertising support and consulting services for Myria Publishing LLC